Payment Schedule: 
Tropical Plaza Nursery Inc. (TPN) accepts Cash, Check, and/or Credit Card with 3% Transaction Fee Owner/Manager agrees to pay completed progress or materials purchased by the end of the work day each Friday or 5 working days from the project start date throughout the duration of the project. Failure to do so will result in stopping of the work till payment is received.

Change Orders: 
Any work asked to be performed by The Owner/Manager that is outside of the scope of work is subject to be billed for materials and on an hourly basis (with a minimum of one hour of billed time) with or without a proposal from the TPN.

Indemnification Agreement: 
Owner/Manager shall be responsible for all matters of title, survey, permits, certifications, HOA compliance, etc.
TPN will perform written scope of work. Owner/Manager shall indemnify and hold TPN harmless for any violations of title, HOA or government rules or covenants, conditions and restrictions affecting the real property on which the work is to be performed. Such indemnification shall include defense of any claims and the payment of any claims.

Plants & Irrigation:
All plants & irrigation systems upon completion are the responsibility of the owner/manager to maintain, unless TPN already maintain your property, TPN will obviously take care of it. Irrigation and plants alike both should be routinely checked to make sure they are operating/living as they should be. 


There is NO warranty on installed irrigation systems, unless it was due to verified negligence, OR agreed upon in writing in a separate agreement approved by our general manager or president.

Plant Returns: 
In the event the Owner/Manager does not like a plant or plants, before planting, purely based on aesthetic / looks . TPN will take plants back to the nursery for a 20% restocking fee. 
If a plant or plants is/are deemed to be of inadequate quality by both parties then 20% restocking fee will be waived.

Plant Warranties: 
Plants in containers from 4 inches to 30 gallons are warrantied for 30 days after planting is completed.
Plants in containers from 36 inches up are warrantied for 1 year after the planting is completed.
Transplanting: If TPN is digging up any plant materials and re-planting them, TPN cannot warranty plant survival.
No Warranty for turf unless there is a manufacture defect.
Warranty is subject to void due to following conditions: if the plant is deemed to have been improperly maintained (improper watering schedule, improper trimming or cutting of the plant, plant shows signs of being severely damaged from human or pet interaction), OR “Acts of God” IE weather, temperature, reflections, animals, or pests.

Natural Stone & Rocks:
Natural stone & rock items are usually non-returnable items. In the scenario that The Supplier of stone/rock agrees to take the product back there will be a 15% restocking fee on top of The Supplier’s restocking fee to cover Tropical Plaza’s time to get product returned. In the event that the product requires a shipping or delivery cost in order to be returned, the client is to be responsible for this cost.

Generally, TPN don’t warranty any hardscape. You agree to the work knowing surface cracks almost always happen, finishes sometimes does not come out exactly how it was described or labeled.

No Warranty for artificial turf unless there is a manufacture defect – turf is a plastic an is subject to warping and burning from heat, cold, and reflective surfaces. In TPN designs ,TPN try to mitigate this from happening through design, but there is always a possibility

Failure to Pay:
TPN will make several attempts to get paid. If TPN deem it necessary, TPN will send the invoice to collections OR place a lien on your property – this may impact credit score drastically. It is the duty of the owner/manager to properly budget for any given project.